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HF Wire Antennas. View All Antennas: HF. Antennas: VHF-UHF. VHF-UHF Beam Antennas. VHF-UHF Handheld Antennas. VHF-UHF Mobile Antennas. VHF-UHF Satellite Antennas. VHF-UHF Vertical Antennas. View All Antennas: VHF-UHF. Greyline's Flagpole Antenna and HF Verticals for Real DX, 160-6M, No Radials. Custom RF design for HOA and XYL approval. For ham radio, NVIS, disaster, & emergency communication services. Write or call 435-200-4902. 2. I recently acquired an MFJ Versa Tuner II model MFJ-949D as well as a Kenwood TS-430S radio. The instructions for the tuner state (in part): For optimum operation of the MFJ-949D, the transmitter must be tuned to a 50 ohm output impedance at the frequency of operation. Set the ANTENNA SELECTOR switch to DUMMY LOAD for tuning up the transmitter. TARGETuner Controller Unit. The control unit is an intelligent, microprocessor based, data and Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Motor Controller that monitors the transmitter frequency and antenna performance, while managing the antenna motor speed and tuning accordingly. Auto-detect complete antenna position sensor range to generate the antenna. Manual Antenna Tuners LAMCO Barnsley 5 Doncaster Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire UK Call 01226 361700 My favourite HAM store in the world icom kenwood yaesu ... HAM Radio Shops, Amateur Radio Dealers, HAM radio dealers UK. Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Hytera. HAM Radio Shops, Amateur Radio Shop, Icom UK Hytera, Kenwood, Yaesu UK Antennas, Antenna. ANTENNA TUNERS AND BALUNS. Antenna tuners. Our store is closed while we are working on updating our site and inventory. Thanks for your understanding. The HamEstate Team. Showing all. Remote Automatic Antenna Tuners and the 43 Foot Vertical Figure 1 — Test setup used by the author for measuring expected tuner loss with a load that simulates the impedance of a 43 foot vertical antenna on 160 meters. See text for details. There are pros and cons to using a remote automatic antenna tuner with an un-. Stealth 9360 Automatic Tuning Mobile HF Antenna automatically tunes in 0.35 sec to any frequency throughout HF band. Highly efficient and capable to 200W PEP RF power handling the 9360 is ideal antenna for use with modern SDR architecture HF transceivers designed for data and voice communications on mobile. ... Ham Radio Mobile Vehicle Bonding.

A Miracle Whip Inspired Antenna Tuner. ... GN9120 Wireless Headset Conversion for Ham Radio. VK3GJM Modification; VK3KBC Modification; Modifications. ... This inductor has a range of 0 - 140 uH. The variable capacitor is a standard broadcast radio tuning capacitor with two banks of 160pF. I have used only one bank. A centre-off toggle switch. Big Signal Antennas Systems – quad antennas, quad hardware and baluns. Quads for ham and 27Mhz. Cubex Quad antennas and hardware – Cubex is another supplier of quad hubs, arms and pre-built quad antennas. Cubical Quad Notes Volume 1 – 188 page pdf all about quad design and theory by quad expert L. B. Cebik ( W4NRL ). Yaesu FT-818ND Ham Base Station – Best For Portability. FT-450D by Yaesu – HAM Transceiver with The Radiowavz Antenna Tape. Yaesu FTDX1200 – Amateur Radio Base Transceiver. Kenwood TS-480HX – Amateur Radio Base Transceiver. Galaxy DX 2517 – 10-Metered Radio Base Station. MFJ-971, PORTABLE ANTENNA TUNER, 200 WATTS - QRP - 1.8 - 30 MHZ. The MFJ-971 is a compact 200-Watt portable tuner designed for QRP transceivers. The MFJ-971 is also a perfect mate for any of today's ultra-compact SSB radios. It provides a convenient cross-needle type SWR/Wattmeter and features a special. wireless mobile and fixed station voice and data. Affordable QRP Antennas and Kits at exceptional value Welcome to Pacific Antenna/QRP Kits New ... Dipole Antenna Kit: BLT Plus: SOTA Tuner: Tenna Dipper II: ... Indicator: Active Antenna: Radio Products. KD1JV Survivor 75m SSB Transceiver: PFR3B 20M/30M/40M Transceiver: Weber Tri-bander Transceiver: Multi-band Direct Conversion CW xcvr: DCxx. Set your ham device to the center frequency of the VHF band. Next, attach the connector points of the SWR meter to your ham radio. If the reading goes beyond 1.5, adjust the length of your 19.5-inch VHF antenna. Make sure to cut the rod length by 1/8th inch each time. For UHF tuning, set your device frequency to the center of the UHF frequency. One of the most important accessories in your ham shack is the antenna transmatch or "tuner." An antenna tuner is a basic necessity for a variety of antennas, including end-fed random length wires. In this video, Kevin Loughin (KB9RLW) shows us how to build a simple, inexpensive L network tuner for end-fed wire antennas.

MFJ-971, PORTABLE ANTENNA TUNER, 200 WATTS - QRP - 1.8 - 30 MHZ. The MFJ-971 is a compact 200-Watt portable tuner designed for QRP transceivers. The MFJ-971 is also a perfect mate for any of today's ultra-compact SSB radios. It provides a convenient cross-needle type SWR/Wattmeter and features a special. Step 4: I connected the male end of the “T” fitting to the bottom of the antenna, the end of my antenna cable to one of the two female ends, and attached a 4' jumper to the other one. I was tickled to see that it did bring down the SWR to a lower level than before. I tried a 3' piece and found it better. Then I tried a 2' long jumper. The RT-100 is a 100 watt coax in / coax out remote tuner designed to be placed near the feedpoint of the antenna. If you are worried about power loss due to SWR in your feedline, the RT-100 is the... MSRP: $279.99. San Diego, CA. Winter Springs, FL. Woodbridge, VA. Z-100A Description Hide. The Z-100A features LDG’s famous 10:1 SWR tuning range that matches Dipoles, Verticals, End fed wires, G5RVs or even an Off center fed Windham. Easy integration means plug and play operation; installation could not be simpler. The Z-100A tuner goes anywhere with and. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-986. $749.00. Add to Cart. Antenna tuner, 3Kw, 1.8-30Mhz with roller inductor and meter. Learn More. Add to Wishlist. | Add to Compare. Ham Radio and Amateur Radio online equipment sales. HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! ... 1.8 ~ 30 MHz Antenna Tuner w/ Dummy Load, 1500 Watts SSB/CW. Also covers MARS & WARC Bands` $499.95 $419.99 You Save: $79.96 (16%) SKU: MFJ-989D REFURB MFJ Enterprises. Antenna Tuner **REFURB** 1.8 ~ 30. The antenna tuner system can match loads of up to 26:1 initial VSWR within a frequency range of 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz. The system was tested using a 100 W transceiver connected to a 90 ft, 450 Ω balanced transmission line and a 120 ft dipole antenna 30 ft above ground. Commercial antenna tuners have VSWR matching capabilities from 3:1 to 100:1. [1. Choose from a wide variety of manual and automatic tuners with maximum power handling capabilities from as low as 20 watts to over 2,500 watts! These antenna tuners cover frequencies from 1.8 through 220 MHz and offer a wide range of features, depending on model. You can get your antenna tuner with a roller inductor.

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